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PV Logic 100 Watt Panel Motorhome Kit

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PV Logic 100 Watt Panel Motorhome Kit

The PV Logic 100 Watt Solar Rooftop Kit is ideal for use on large-sized caravans, motorhomes where the power is used to run the lights, water pump, television, laptop computer, etc throughout the year or for extended touring periods.

The typical Daily performance of the solar panel in peak conditions: 700watt-hours per day / 44amp-hours per day.

Key Features:
  • High efficiency crystalline cell for all weather charging.
  • Perfect for TV operation, 240v appliances* and for permanent fitting.
  • Water resistant, robust construction for outdoor use.
  • 20 year cell warranty and 10 year module warranty**.
What’s included:
  • 1 x STP100 – 100wp Solar Panel
  • 1 x STCC10 – 10Ah Charge Controller
  • 1 x 4m Cable Bundle
  • 1 x STMP009 – Aero Alloy Profile Fitting Kit (Roof space needed = 670mm x 1155mm x 62mm)
  • 1 x STMP006 – Cable Feed Gland
  • 1 x Tube Bonding Agent
  • 1 x Pack Fuses, Ring Terminals etc
  • 1 x Fitting Instructions
Panel Specifications:


  • Power (Wp): 100watts
  • Nominal Voltage (Vmp): 19.5V DC
  • Nominal Current (Imp): 5.12A
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 23.0V
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc): 5.45A
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to + 85 Deg C
  • Max System Voltage: 1000V DC
  • Dimensions: 1005mm x 670mm x 35mm
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Approx. watt-hours/day**: 600W
  • Approx. amp-hours/day**: 30.72A

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