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Pair of Milenco Short Arm Mirror Protectors (White)

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Pair of Milenco Short Arm Mirror Protectors (White)

The team at Milenco have been involved in crash testing vehicle components for over 20 years.

Milenco is the only company in the Caravan industry, manufacturing crash tested Type Approved products to International Standards.

These Mirror Protectors have been carefully designed to both absorb impact and disperse the impact load, in order to protect against accidental damage.

Unlike other designs our Mirror Protectors wrap around the outer edge of the Vehicle Mirror, protecting it from both forward and reverse impacts.

We are confident that, in real world impact situations, these Protectors will provide outstanding and class leading performance, however they will not protect against severe or major impacts.

If you require any further information about this product please do not hesitate to contact us via email: [email protected] or telephone our office on 01492 582233 & speak to one of our team.