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Dometic Waeco CRX50 Black 50L Compressor Fridge 12v/24v

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Dometic Waeco CRX50 Black 50L Compressor Fridge 12v/24v

A Versatile compressor fridge with a uniquely removable freezer compartment, the Dometic Waeco CRX50 is perfect for use in Boats, Campervans, Caravans and Motorhomes

With the added benefits of having a low consumption of energy (so low that it can feasibly be run off solar panels!), the Dometic Waeco CRX50 2 Way Compressor Fridge has an ample 48L refrigerator capacity which can also maintain between 5 – 7 degrees even under the pressure of tropical temperatures!

The Dometic Waeco CRX50 2 Way Caravan & Motorhome Fridge still has all the outstanding features of the original, standard model but with the added bonus of a completely versatile configuration in the form of a removable freezer compartment, meaning that you can adapt and use your Dometic Waeco CRX50 to suit your needs whenever and wherever you need it. As a result, the Dometic Waeco CRX50 Compressor Fridge can be used as a conventional fridge/freezer, full fridge or full freezer. The Dometic Waeco CRX50 also now features a slightly chamferred rear wall, this helps clear the strengthening pieces found in many vans at floor level, and also helps for a ‘snug’ fit in boats where the hull turns inwards near the bilges.

Key Features:
  • New soft touch control panel
  • Intelligent electronic control of the compressor speed – up to 25% less energy consumption
  • 5 different temperature settings
  • 2 stage battery protection
  • Chamfered cabinet at rear base to help clear the vehicle side
  • Bright led interior light with infrared sensor
  • Large bottle holder
  • Door tray
  • Salad bin
  • 2 years warranty

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