Floë/Floe European Motorhome Drainage Kit

Floë/Floe European Motorhome Drainage Kit

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Floë / Floe European Motorhome Drainage Kit + Fittings

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If you have a caravan or camper with an unswitchable onboard water storage tank, then this is the Combo kit for your needs.
Winner of Practical Caravan's Caravan Accessory of the Year 2012, our Floë system is a simple way to drain down your caravan or camper, making way for beautifully fresh drinking water, or in preparation for those cold winter frosts.
Floë has been tested and scientifically proven by the University of Ulster, to remove more than 99.9% of any stale water, bacteria or biofilm, leaving your system fresh and empty for every trip (see Fresh Water Floë). It has also been proven in winter frosts, to protect the intricate components of your water system such as your pump, water filter, shower and plastic taps (see Better Cash Floë).

With its patented technology, you simply snip and click this Floë kit beside your fresh water tank and with the help of a foot pump or 12 volt tyre compressor, you will be able to purge water out of each tap and fitting, thereby knowing your system is empty.
Minutes draining down your caravan or camper will give you peace of mind that it is protected whatever the season. All kits come with full instructions and instructional DVDs. We also offer our personal support service, so you are never stuck.
To find out more on how to drain down your caravan or camper, please see our video demonstrations on our products page.

ADDED BONUS 1 - Use Floë to drain garden hoses and powerhoses etc for winter.

ADDED BONUS 2 - If you have a gas boiler with mains water throughout your house, you can use Floë to clean out the internal heat exchanger. There is no technical experience necessary and your boiler will be cleaned as part of a normal draindown

This will extend the life of the heat exchanger (which can cost £700-£1,500 and will eventually fail in time) and allow you turn your hot water thermostat down, which in turn will save you up to a huge 20% on your gas bill. After draining down, turn the mains water back on and run the hot taps. Brown dirty water that was clogging up your system, will be pushed out of the taps until it runs clear.

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