Floë / Floe Portable Truma Carver Crystal 2 Water Drain Kit

Floë / Floe Portable Truma Carver Crystal 2 Water Drain Kit

Camping / Motorhome Water & Waste Accessories

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Floë Portable Drainage Kit for Truma/Carver Crystal 2 Drainage Kit

If you have a touring caravan with a Truma/Carver Carver 2 plug and socket to bring water onboard, then this is the combo kit for your needs.

The Floe and Truma/Carver Crystal 2 Drain Down Kit has been tested and scientifically proven by the University of Ulster, to remove more than 99.9% of any stale water, bacteria or biofilm, leaving your system fresh and empty for every trip. It has also been proven in winter frosts, to protect the intricate components of your water system such as your pump, water filter, shower and taps.

With it's patented technology, Floe simply fits to the Truma/Carver Crystal 2 adapter. The adapter fits snugly into the side of the caravan and with the help of a foot pump or 12v tyre compressor, you will be able to purge the water out of each tap and fitting, thereby knowing your system is empty. Minutes draining down your caravan will give you peace of mind that it is protected whatever the season.

Floe ensures that you can drain down your own caravan and not only enjoy it throughout the winter months, but ensure you have fresh water, whatever the season. As it takes no time at all to use, you can also use the kit to clear lines of older stagnant water preventing the possibility of diseases such as Legionnaires and have fresh drinking water every time you use your caravan.

A must have tool for every caravanning enthusiast and an essential winterisation product. The Floe Drain Down Kit also comes with UK water tap connector 1/2" reducer and full instructions on DVD.

Attention - Please do not pressurise system to more than 15PSI and always read instructions thoroughly before use.
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